2017 Hits : Vol. 1 : Training / Strength & Conditioning

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Training / Strength & Conditioning

  • “Give people what they want and they will like you for now. Give people what the need and they will value you forever.” -Simon Sinek

1. This is a phenomenal response to those who say exercise doesn’t help you lose weight.  So much good stuff in this article.  

“To sum up, training and diet work synergistically. You need both, and stalls in weight loss can often be countered by doing whichever one you aren’t.”

2. “We should contraindicate people from exercises, not exercises from people” -Eric Cressey shared a valuable post on individualized exercise prescription and the variables that matter.   

3. If this was in pill form everyone would take it.

“Elderly women who sit for more than 10 hours a day with low physical activity have cells that are biologically older than their chronological age by eight years compared to women who are less sedentary, research shows.”

4. Squats and ankle dorsiflexion get a lot of attention.  But what about squats and hallux extension?  For this, try the hack squat.  “The Hack squat will also mobilize your toes and strengthen your calves, as well as open your chest and hips. Together with prying goblet squats and Cossack squats, it is helping me on my quest to the roadkill split and side split.”

5. The downdog will improve your seated press.  The seated press will improve your downdog.

6. I hear my older patients complaining about aging all the time.  One time, as a patient was complaining about the difficulty of aging, another older patient argued with a smile, “it’s better than the alternative!”.  

I try to educate my older patients that aging does not equate to getting weak and unhealthy.  It’s simply a number.  It’s never too late to improve fitness and health.  This article uses sport, research, and sound logic to make that point.

7. Most of the chronic injuries I see in non-professional athletes come from three errors:

1) poor programming

2) under-recovery

3) lack of internal practice

Unfortunately, these 3 errors have become very popular in mainstream fitness.

8. “People underestimate how much they enjoy exercise because of a myopic focus on the unpleasant beginning of exercise, but this tendency can be harnessed or overcome, potentially increasing intention to exercise.”

9. Brett Jones shares some wisdom from 15 years of kettlebell training.

10. Fitness Business from Cressey

• be pessimistic

• value addition leaders

• the big 3 business aspects (lead generation, lead conversion, retention)

11. Want to squat more?  Try mental imagery.  It can have effects in just 3 days.

12. It’s well known that different types of exercise affects the body differently (e.g. weight lifting builds strength, running improved endurance, sport practice improved coordination, etc). Now researchers are focusing on how different types of exercise affects the brain differently (e.g. weight lifting improves problem solving, running improves memory, long-term sport practice improved focus).  You might be able to assess someone’s mental ability by assessing what exercises they’re doing.

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13. Fascinating 3 minute video on perceptual thresholds


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