2 responses to “Basic Biomechanics”

  1. navi brar

    its a great work… it is very helpful for students of physical education and biomechanics… thanx a lot sir aaron swanson for helping us in such a great way…. thanx a lot..

  2. Alireza Asgari

    The series are great. I am not sure I understand it all to their roots but would sure help my mind and to sort concepts when relaying them to my students.
    I teach Neurophysiology and am fairly good at motor control and spinal neural circuitry generating simple movements and similar stuff.
    When it comes to Biomechanics I see a lot of WONDER and FRUSTRATION ine the face of students who have basically been trained in Biological fields rather than Engineering. These notes are simple, great and helpful.
    God bless U.

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