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  1. Alison H

    Hi Aaron, just came across your site while searching for resources to use when teaching Applied Biomechanics to DPT students in the upcoming semester. Thanks for this great summary post. The only comment I would add is that MDT as a system doesn’t refute “stability” as a relevant component of our practice… it just isn’t part of the derangement / dysfunction / postural syndrome mechanical classifications. The case you described would be classified as “other” and would lead the clinician to explore other interventions in his / her professional repertoire (which, to me, would probably include core stabilization techniques). I would still consider MDT effective as an evaluation system when it leads you to a mechanically-informed decision that the patient will not benefit from repeated or sustained end-range loading strategy.

    Alison H, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT

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