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12 responses to “The Deep Squat (Part 1 – The Good, The Bad, & The Not So Ugly)”

  1. Zach Long

    May be the best squat article I’ve ever read. Great job

  2. Nick harris

    Great article….don’t want to repeat Zach…but one of the best I’ve read at the moment!

  3. David

    Interesting post. I was just wondering what you feel is the optimal degree of squatting is then? So we are clear, you are saying shear forces are more harmful than compressive forces?

    What pathology is associated with increased compressive forces at the joint? Degenerative joint disease/OA?

    Would a squat of 110degrees be an ideal degree to squat as it out of the shear force degree, but not at the full compressive maximum force?
    I understand that more muscle recruitment exists as you squat lower, but at the risk of increasing compressive force, is it worth it to squat lower? So someone would not get as many gains from squatting lower, but may shield themselves from long term pathology?

  4. Andrew Lock

    Beautiful article.
    Watch out for mentioning anterior pelvic tilt as a common posture in life. You may be mistaken for being a Chiropractor who thinks psoas creates lordosis and that hip flexion slumped posture is anterior pelvic tilt! We, on the other hand, understand that sitting is a posterior pelvic tilt position that translates to the static posterior disc loading that precedes most disc injury.
    I figure you just must treat a lot of table dancers who wear high heels for anterior pelvic tilt. That helps squatting depth BTW. Perhaps you could do an article on that next?
    A fine piece of work. Well compiled! Useful to pass on to the miseducated.
    Squat on!

  5. Ian

    One thing that I think people are forgetting is that in order to get into a deep squat you have to go through the ranges above it that have the peak shear forces. But the bottom of the squat doesn’t have the most “potentially” harmful force so if you can do a deep squat physiologically you might as well do it since by half reping you are still getting the most potentially harmful stresses.

  6. Harry

    what are your thoughts on the benefits or dangers of sqatting after a total knee replacement.

  7. Cynn

    Thanks for the interesting squat artile. Would you explain what wrapping effect in specific?

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  9. Gav

    Haha! I hate squats. Being a tall guy I opt for leg presses and a combination of other exercises as well, but I’m willing ti give these deep squats a try just to see.

    Thanks for this.

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