Dr. Aaron Swanson, PT, DPT, CSCS, is a physical therapist that can help you decrease pain, restore optimal movement, enhance performance, and improve your quality of life.

Aaron is the co-founder of The A&G Project, a one-on-one physical therapy and movement clinic focused on using an eclectic approach to help you get the results you want.

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Aaron Swanson

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It's important to look at the big picture (photo credit)

Embracing Complexity: The Mountain Stream Metaphor

"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong" -H.L. Menken Keeping “it” simple is important at times.  It prevents us from becoming overwhelmed, clarifies concepts, aids in general understanding, and directs the focus towards a single goal.  Most importantly, keeping it simple is necessary when ...

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Course Review: Chris Johnson Treadmill Analysis Workshop

I was very lucky to be mentored by Chris Johnson after PT school.  I observed and worked part-time in his clinic for almost a year.  I learned a tremendous amount from him and was excited to get an update on his approach during his Treadmill Analysis Workshop this past Wednesday. Chris is ...

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Visual cues help keep you on the right path

Coaching & Cueing (Part 5 - Visual Cues)

Since our species is vision dependent ( >50% of cortex dedicated to processing visual information), visual cues can be an easy way to invoke a sensory change that alters movement patterns.  This includes not only the sensory input from our external environment, but also our unique ability to create an ...

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The continuum of external cueing benefits

Coaching & Cueing (Part 3 - External Verbal Cues)

The type of cue one chooses should be based on the environment, individual, and task. This article should help you understand when to best choose an external cue. External Cue: focuses on how the body’s output affects the environment (outcomes, objects, etc.)   Science of External Cueing External verbal cues (VC) have been the most ...

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Internal Verbal Cue

Coaching & Cueing (Part 2 - The Categories)

We need to first clarify an important concept before we go into coaching and cueing: NOT ALL MOVEMENT REQUIRES COACHING To Coach or Not to Coach If someone is performing a movement/exercise correctly, all you have to do is shut your mouth and smile. If someone is performing a movement/exercise incorrectly, you should ask ...

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The line is the collagen, the carabiners are the integrins, the hammocks are the cells, the person is the nucleus. Any applied force on the line will be felt by each person attached to the same line (regardless the distance from the force).

Andreo Spina's Functional Range Release

I was lucky enough to be invited to another one of Dan Park’s quality continuing education classes at Perfect Stride.  This time it was for Functional Range Release (Upper Extremity) with Andreo Spina.  I had been reading a lot about Spina’s work and was excited at the chance to learn about ...

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Crossfit isn't the only activity where people get injured due to increased stress and asymmetry.  Yet, they're the only one with half the internet hating them.

An Open Letter to Crossfit: The 2 Mistakes (Part I)

As many physical therapists have probably noticed, there is an increase in the amount of Crossfit athletes showing up in our clinics.  This isn’t because it injures everyone.  It’s because it’s becoming very popular and people love it. We see the same thing happen during ski season and marathon season.  It’s ...

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