4 responses to “Foundational Strength Course Review”

  1. Zach Long

    Love loaded carries for testing/training. Could you expand on #17 “Cook Drill – Overhead⇒Rack Position⇒Suitcase⇒Opposite Arm Overhead⇒Rack⇒Suitcase”?

    Not following that

  2. Andy Pham

    During the link you provided detailing the loaded carries, it speaks about abdominal bracing. However, in your post, you talked about not pre-bracing the abdominals for every rep. So what would be consider the correct way to perform a loaded carry where there aren’t distinct repetitions? Should we just concentrate on maintaining alignment and not allowing side bending to one side and/or falling into lumbar extension? Or should be be thinking about bracing the abdominals actively throughout the entire carry?


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