6 responses to “Andreo Spina’s Functional Range Release”

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  2. Michael Terborg

    Hello Aaron, thank you for creating and sharing this! I took FRC in January and found this to be a fantastic refresher. Please do not feel obliged, however I was wondering if you can elaborate on the following claims made about the benefits of isometrics.

    No joint shearing
    No inflammatory reaction
    Least provocative strengthening modality
    Resets the muscle spindle
    Safe mechanotransduction

  3. Marco Sanchez

    Aaron, thanks. This was great.

  4. Ciaran

    Hey mate, do you know the specific reference andreo spina is talking about with regards to fibroblast activation and the 2 minute threshold?


  5. Brian Donghui Rim

    That was a great read – I will definitely take one of his classes in the future. Thanks so much!

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