2017 Hits : Vol. 1 : Exercises & Movements

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Exercises & Movements

  • “The more voluntary suffering you build into your life, the less involuntary suffering will affect your life.” -Tim Ferris

1. A nice way to use the wall to progress lateral loading during a lunge.

2. I like this external cue to assist with spinal dissociation in quadruped.

3. The great Pete Hwang displays a nice quadruped sit out exercise.

4. Sam Hodous shares a 4 part physioball anterior core exercise progression (1, 2, 3, 4).

5. I like this quadruped hip extension lift off.  And I like it even more that it’s the general population in the video.

6. Christine Ruffolo expands on hip internal rotation mobility

7. Solid hamstring eccentric progression from a simple bridge walk out to a single leg slide out.

8. I like this bird-dog row progression from Zack Long.  Building strength on stability is always a good idea.

9. Low reciprocal cable row

10. Dan Pope shares 4 exercises to improve the anterior pelvic tilt, focusing on decreasing lumbar extension: foam rolling, q-ped sit backs, rabbit pose, wall roll-outs.

11. 4 Exercises to reduce Upper Trapezius Tone

12. A bottoms-up coaching cue for teaching the single leg deadlift.  Find the bilateral deadlift position, then lift one leg.

13. Make sure you’re following Dynamic Sports PT on instagram.  Tons of great stuff including this advanced single leg hip exercise combo.

14. A novel way to integrate trunk control with throwing

15. These are some great get up variations

16. A very creative bird dog variation from Ruffolo. Taking away the distal anchors to make it more proximal.

17. This looks like a fun rotational drill from Don Reagan

Exercise of the Month

The Bowler

I saw Chris Johnson performing this exercise and thought it was a missing piece to my single leg training.  I enjoy the increased proximal stability demands, the novel vector forces, and increased range of tension.  

But I really like that it challenges the frontal and transverse plane control of the pelvis at a high level.  Many patients have difficulty with trendelenburg/hip drop-type movement compensations.  Especially when using hip and knee flexion/extension patterns (running, jumping, stairs, etc.).  This exercise trains the ability to turn uncontrolled movement into controlled movement.

I progressed with slide boards, to tapping the foot down, to elevated open chain on an uneven rock with water around me.

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